BRAiN iN SPACE is the Portuguese music talented duo Sandro Viegas & Jorge Santos with a powerful yet sober psychedelic style!

They released already a few EP´s on Hypergate Records and now working on a new album expected to be released in 2020. Featuring all previously unreleased track, we at Hypergate, really expect no less than a special set of power tracks for the dancefloor!

Stay tuned with BRAiN in SPACE new releases soon!



Filipe Dias is the mind behind Synthom. He was born in Portugal and trance is the blood that runs through his veins. With a rich musical background from conservatory music classes, classical music and an extensive range of instruments to garage rock bands with hip-hop, punk and metal influences.

At around the age of 16 when Trance came to Portugal the connection was made immediately and a passion for electronic music was born. In 2000 at age 21 his first work started with computer technology and synthesizers.

Fascinated by the creative process and the construction of many details and power in music. Through various styles he came to produce to what we describe as ìa combination of strong and powerful technology with futuristic sounds, into a deep strong and hypnotic leads that travel through a vortex of energy and creativity.

With a pump kick and a fat bass line , the journey goes from Psynight into Hi tek landscapes or Hyperactive details.


Suria is Frederic Alexandre from Portugal.

Everything started in 98 when he began playing dj sets. Then music creation came in the year 2000. Playing live in parties, and festivals with many other artists he began to travel around the globe performing live.

Releasing in several well known labels Fred is now back with full power, polished and massive production. In fact Suria needs no big introductions, this great trance master has already proven himself as a great musician and great person as well. Releases in Cristal matrix, Dejavú, Agitato, Shiva space japan; ODD; Submachine, Magma, Fungi and Hadra records.



Photonik is the portuguese dynamic live act composed by Pedro Matias (aka dj Fluxo) and Pedro Miranda.

Being connected to several music scenes, these friends decided to explore high-tech influences searching for new and refreshing dance floor sounds. Their sound mixes old-school vibes with tight hi-tech patterns and groovy baselines, blended to tune into the galactic frequency of love and cosmic awareness.

After captivating the interest of some worldwide known dh's, they got their first release out on the Uk based label Transient, in "3 Flavour - EP". They have also been collaborating with Groovetech Records and Electrik Dream Records, having ready a hand full of releases scheduled for the present year.

Recently Photonik joined the Hypergate Records crew and released the EP Infinite Realities, which includes 1 original track by this Portuguese duo and 2 special collaborations with Algorhythm and Josh aka Outer Signal.

Ireland, Switzerland and France are some of the countries Photonik had the pleasure to gig, sharing their music as a tool for global consciousness awakening.

In this moment the duo is in the studio cooking upcoming releases.
Be ready for an uplifting body & mind journey!

This is Photonik music!



Tryon is Telmo Pereira from Portugal. In the middle of 2000, he had his 1st contact with Psytrance scene and started to make his first experiments with electronic music, after playing guitars and working with groove-box in 2006 he start his own project under the name Tryon. Nowadays he is one of the core Hypergate Records artists.

His sound is characterized by intense power-full kicks and bass-lines, mixed up with hypnotic multi-layered leads and the way thought most of the track. The result is a strongly build up track with a deep powerful rhythm section and an extravagent composition of the tracks itself, which proof and show the results of a proper musical education.

His music is unique where only a few other big names like Absolum (3D Vision) and Concept (3DV/Mind Funk) come to mind. Since then.. He already play in countries like.. Japan, Israel, Germany, France, England, Swiss, Austria, Portugal.. With many international artists such as: Absolum, Abomination, Concept, Prism, Khopat, Menog, Tryambaka, Phonic Request, Sidhartha, Digital Talk, Ace ventura, Braincell, Parahalu, Principles of Flight, Krunch, Time Twisters and many more.


Patrick Ferreira, 22 years old, was born in Switzerland and moved to Portugal with 6 years old.

He started djing when he was 13 yeras old, mixing House and Techno, until he met Trance a year after, starting to dedicate himself to this music style. That was when he began playing every Saturday at the Via Lactea Club. Getting more into the scene, he decided to organize indoor and outdoor parties as well, presenting national and internacional performances in Portugal.

The first album " ALIENN - COSMIC MATTER" was released at 9-10-2009 by Hypergate Rec, and he maked a tour in Japan at August 2010.

Other tracks was released in some compilations:

VA Osaka Mafia, VA Psyshark Vibes 4, VA Another Dimension, VA Gaia Tek 3, VA Hyperdelic Pill, VA Receptor, VA Gaia tek 2, and others.

Alienn represent the Hypergate Records and Buddha Mantra Records and Psyshark Records.




Karmacrop was for some years a side project between Sidhartha and Khopat but nowadays only Sidhartha is making music and performing this act.

Coming from Portugal this project was born in 2004 after some successful collaborations in previous tracks durring 2003, so they decided to join and produce new stuff based on powerful kicks, dynamic bass lines, psychedelic leads with crazy effects and a melodic touch making they're music perfect for the transition from the night into morning as the sun rises in the sky…

Karma Crop first release was out in February 2005 at Metatron Productions in compilation Need for Speed compiled by Aran Oren and Digitaly Mastered by Yaniv Shulman at Aleph Zero Mastering Studios.

Metatron production is proud to present the compilation "Need for Speed". We define light as part of the wave form of the galaxy when multitudes of waves intermix they define x-ray heat, color, sound, electricity, & ultraviolet, the mixture of that is the matrix of Metatron.

The electricity sound, the heat and the x-ray ultraviolet colors are a part from this psychedelic smashing dance floor compilation.




Sidhartha is the psy trance legend from Portugal with countless releases and gigs in major labels and festivals around the globe.

Growing with the new studio recording technologies made him connect to electronic music becoming interested with the virtual studio technology and composition methods. In 1995, the big boom of the electronic and dance music movement in Europe, took him to attend to festivals and events related to the psychedelic culture.

In 1996, he started mixing Drum&Bass with Vinyl records and finnaly, in 1998, he started getting trance music and since then turned admiring psytrance playing sets in bars, clubs and open doors events. Being connected to deejaying he developed a psychedelic musica production both in is solo project Sidhartha and side project Karmacrop.

His style is shaped by psy trance and fullon influences with powerful leads, dynamic rhythms, psychedelic effects with melodic landscapes making his music unique.