Special Cosmic Change

Special Cosmic Change


We are proud to announce our next release in a collaboration with Tranceformati’ohm for a Special Cosmic Change compiled by dj Meskita!

This journey will take you beyond your wildest expectations introducing new artists with fresh crispy sounds and amazing recognised international ones as well.

[iframe src=”https://www.orfium.com/embedded/album/704079/special-cosmic-change-cd2-hypergate-records/?ref=hypergate_recs” width=”90%” height=”294px”][iframe src=”https://www.orfium.com/embedded/album/704067/special-cosmic-change-cd1-hypergate-records/?ref=hypergate_recs” width=”90%” height=”294px”]

Special Cosmic Change

Release Info:

- Title: Special Cosmic Change
- Cat.-Nr.: HGRCD009
- Release date: 07.June.2018
- Label: Hypergate Records
- Artists: Various
- Mastering by: Sidhartha
- Digital Distribution
- 18 unreleased Tracks
- Format: wav / mp3

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