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André Lemos aka Hardtech, was born in Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil In 1988 At age 9, he moved to Goiânia, GO - Brazil and always involved with music since then.

Had influences of Rock, Heavy metal, Hardcore and New metal but in 2004 he knew the electronic scene. In the year of 2006 he did a DjSet mix course with nationally renowned DJ, Ekanta (Vagalume - Parallel Universe). He began performing at some local festivals, and attending some festivals such as Samsara MG, Trance Formation GO, FAK Alto Paraíso and others.

In 2010 he moved to Barcelona - ESP. Where has had contact with large parties and festivals like, Blisfull and Freedom Festival and Boom Festival. In addition to playing in local parties and meeting great artists of the genre Night Full ON, acquiring even more knowledge and techniques on songs and mixes, bringing back to your Natal country a serious sound, pointed and quite psychedelic.

In 2017 he joined the label of renowned HYPERGATE REC. (Portugal) Psy Trance and Psychedelic Fullon.

It is inspired by: Absolum, Bliss, Painkiller, Menog, Sirius Isness, The Commercial Hippies, Shift, Karmakrop, Sidhartha, Iliuchina, Rabdom L, Scorb, Alienn, Tryon, Ex-gen, X-Side, Orca, Neo Genetic, Shummat And others of the genre.


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Claudio Silva aka D-Mented was born in 1994 in Tavira, Algarve - Portugal and he soon began developing his taste for electronic music. In 2005 had his first contact with psy trance when he started going to parties organised by "theo" who was one of the founders of Nostradamus.

D-Mented, sometimes called "Ninja of the Faders" presents you a night-time Full'On sound with aggressive bass lines, synths from other "worlds" letting the audience travel further, creating a mood of euphoria.

In 2012 he started playing in various parties in Portugal where he has already shared the stage with some well-known national and international names such as Absolum, D-Maniac, The Dark Face, Tryambaka, Juggling, Blazing Noise, Logic Bomb, Sidhartha, among others.



Dj zippy aka João Gonçalves come from portugal, is mixing since 1997 starting with house music and techno .

Discovering the wonderfull vibrations and spirit from psychadelic trance in BOOM FESTIVAL 1998 he follow this genre musical until today keeping always to suprise the dancefloors with powerfull and nice tracks that make the freaks dance.

Sharing stages all around the europe with artists like : Khopat, Sidhartha, Alienn, Spector, Menog, Tryambaka, DNA, Domestic, Tactic Mind, Cosmic Tone, Slider, Z-Machine, Bad Boys,Wizack Twizack, Protonica, Cosmo, Monntales, Klopfgeister and many more nice artists....

He is now teaming up with Hypergate Records as label deejay with refined dj mix skills and with top quality music.



Anthony aka Kahuna was born in France in 1985.

Since of very young age he demonstrated to have a great interest for the electronic music, but it was in Portugal in 1999 that he met the psy trance scene.

In 2001, he started performing in some private parties and others around the country having grown a lot his skills. In 2005 he became a member of system A.T.I.C.org, a Portuguese events promo group, then two years later he joined the most recognised Portuguese psy trance records label Hypergate Records.

Since then, he has already played with top psy trance artists in Portugal and Spain. His style is psy full on with an excellent musical choice and shining mixing skills, bringing hi-tech sets with powerful bass lines and frenetic leads.

Kahuna has released his debut compilation in 2010 "Synthetic Alchemy" along side with Tryon, in 2012 the first track of his own project "Symmetric" released on "Into immortality" with Sidhartha and more recently a new collaboration released on "Digital Karma".


Patrick Ferreira, 22 years old, was born in Switzerland and moved to Portugal with 6 years old.

He started djing when he was 13 yeras old, mixing House and Techno, until he met Trance a year after, starting to dedicate himself to this music style. That was when he began playing every Saturday at the Via Lactea Club. Getting more into the scene, he decided to organize indoor and outdoor parties as well, presenting national and internacional performances in Portugal.

The first album " ALIENN - COSMIC MATTER" was released at 9-10-2009 by Hypergate Rec, and he maked a tour in Japan at August 2010.

Other tracks was released in some compilations:

VA Osaka Mafia, VA Psyshark Vibes 4, VA Another Dimension, VA Gaia Tek 3, VA Hyperdelic Pill, VA Receptor, VA Gaia tek 2, and others.

Alienn represent the Hypergate Records and Buddha Mantra Records and Psyshark Records.




Sidhartha is the psy trance legend from Portugal with countless releases and gigs in major labels and festivals around the globe.

Growing with the new studio recording technologies made him connect to electronic music becoming interested with the virtual studio technology and composition methods. In 1995, the big boom of the electronic and dance music movement in Europe, took him to attend to festivals and events related to the psychedelic culture.

In 1996, he started mixing Drum&Bass with Vinyl records and finnaly, in 1998, he started getting trance music and since then turned admiring psytrance playing sets in bars, clubs and open doors events. Being connected to deejaying he developed a psychedelic musica production both in is solo project Sidhartha and side project Karmacrop.

His style is shaped by psy trance and fullon influences with powerful leads, dynamic rhythms, psychedelic effects with melodic landscapes making his music unique.