Tryon is Telmo Pereira from Portugal. In the middle of 2000, he had his 1st contact with Psytrance scene and started to make his first experiments with electronic music, after playing guitars and working with groove-box in 2006 he start his own project under the name Tryon. Nowadays he is one of the core Hypergate Records artists.

His sound is characterized by intense power-full kicks and bass-lines, mixed up with hypnotic multi-layered leads and the way thought most of the track. The result is a strongly build up track with a deep powerful rhythm section and an extravagent composition of the tracks itself, which proof and show the results of a proper musical education.

His music is unique where only a few other big names like Absolum (3D Vision) and Concept (3DV/Mind Funk) come to mind. Since then.. He already play in countries like.. Japan, Israel, Germany, France, England, Swiss, Austria, Portugal.. With many international artists such as: Absolum, Abomination, Concept, Prism, Khopat, Menog, Tryambaka, Phonic Request, Sidhartha, Digital Talk, Ace ventura, Braincell, Parahalu, Principles of Flight, Krunch, Time Twisters and many more.