Versus Galaxy

Versus Galaxy


Hypergate Records is back with a stunning release, this time compiled by Sidhartha, driving you into your cosmic path, meeting new galactic boundaries.

Versus Galaxy is an awesome compilation and an amazing journey filled with truly psychedelic fullon tracks crafted by Sidhartha vs Hypergate Records label artists and special invitations.This compilation is a showcase of various collaborations between high standard musicians, great producers and good friends that enjoy the music for the music for the people.

This release will tune you with Hypergate Records for a timeless journey through space and time…Come meet the music crafted by some of the greatest trance masters and have a blast with pure psychedelic sound bliss.

Versus Galaxy

Release Info:

- Title: Versus Galaxy
- Cat.-Nr.: HGRCD002
- Release date: 2008-03-28
- Label: Hypergate Records
- Compiled by: Luxor
- Mastering by: Sidhartha
- Distribution: Arabesque
- 10 unreleased Tracks
- Format: Jewel Case

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