Filipe Dias is the mind behind Synthom. He was born in Portugal and trance is the blood that runs through his veins. With a rich musical background from conservatory music classes, classical music and an extensive range of instruments to garage rock bands with hip-hop, punk and metal influences.

At around the age of 16 when Trance came to Portugal the connection was made immediately and a passion for electronic music was born. In 2000 at age 21 his first work started with computer technology and synthesizers.

Fascinated by the creative process and the construction of many details and power in music. Through various styles he came to produce to what we describe as ìa combination of strong and powerful technology with futuristic sounds, into a deep strong and hypnotic leads that travel through a vortex of energy and creativity.

With a pump kick and a fat bass line , the journey goes from Psynight into Hi tek landscapes or Hyperactive details.