Sidhartha is the psy trance legend from Portugal with countless releases and gigs in major labels and festivals around the globe.

Growing with the new studio recording technologies made him connect to electronic music becoming interested with the virtual studio technology and composition methods. In 1995, the big boom of the electronic and dance music movement in Europe, took him to attend to festivals and events related to the psychedelic culture.
In 1996, he started mixing Drum&Bass with Vinyl records and finnaly, in 1998, he started getting trance music and since then turned admiring psytrance playing sets in bars, clubs and open doors events. Being connected to deejaying he developed a psychedelic musica production both in is solo project Sidhartha and side project Karmacrop.
His style is shaped by psy trance and fullon influences with powerful leads, dynamic rhythms, psychedelic effects with melodic landscapes making his music unique.