Photonik is the portuguese dynamic live act composed by Pedro Matias (aka dj Fluxo) and Pedro Miranda.

Being connected to several music scenes, these friends decided to explore high-tech influences searching for new and refreshing dance floor sounds. Their sound mixes old-school vibes with tight hi-tech patterns and groovy baselines, blended to tune into the galactic frequency of love and cosmic awareness.

After captivating the interest of some worldwide known dh's, they got their first release out on the Uk based label Transient, in "3 Flavour - EP". They have also been collaborating with Groovetech Records and Electrik Dream Records, having ready a hand full of releases scheduled for the present year.

Recently Photonik joined the Hypergate Records crew and released the EP Infinite Realities, which includes 1 original track by this Portuguese duo and 2 special collaborations with Algorhythm and Josh aka Outer Signal.

Ireland, Switzerland and France are some of the countries Photonik had the pleasure to gig, sharing their music as a tool for global consciousness awakening.

In this moment the duo is in the studio cooking upcoming releases.
Be ready for an uplifting body & mind journey!

This is Photonik music!