Anthony aka Kahuna was born in France in 1985.

Since of very young age he demonstrated to have a great interest for the electronic music, but it was in Portugal in 1999 that he met the psy trance scene.

In 2001, he started performing in some private parties and others around the country having grown a lot his skills. In 2005 he became a member of system A.T.I.C.org, a Portuguese events promo group, then two years later he joined the most recognised Portuguese psy trance records label Hypergate Records.

Since then, he has already played with top psy trance artists in Portugal and Spain. His style is psy full on with an excellent musical choice and shining mixing skills, bringing hi-tech sets with powerful bass lines and frenetic leads.

Kahuna has released his debut compilation in 2010 "Synthetic Alchemy" along side with Tryon, in 2012 the first track of his own project "Symmetric" released on "Into immortality" with Sidhartha and more recently a new collaboration released on "Digital Karma".