Into Immortality 3

Sidhartha - Into Immortality / Chapter 3


Announcing our the next release, Sidhartha – Into Immortality / Chapter 3.

This is the final chapter of this trilogy and features 2 previously unreleased tracks written and produced by Nuno Santos aka Sidhartha. Into Immortality as an album is now complete.

The arrival is safe and secure… but you are certain to fly high once again!


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Into Immortality Chapter 3

Release Info:

- Title: Into Immortality Chapter 3
- Cat.-Nr.: HGREP009
- Release date: 2014-02-20
- Label: Hypergate Records
- Artists: Sidhartha
- Mastering by: Sidhartha
- Digital Distribution
- 2 unreleased Tracks
- Format: wav / mp3

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