Infinite Realities

Photonik - Infinite Realities EP


We @ Hypergate Records HQ are super happy to announce our forthcoming release by Photonik.

Infinite Realities was awesomely crafted by Pedro Matias and Pedro Miranda and includes 1 original track by this Portuguese duo and 2 special collaborations with Algorhythm and Josh aka Outer Signal, all previously unreleased tracks that we are proud to have at hypergate.

Psy trance state of art with fullPower music inside…


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Infinite Realities

Release Info:

- Title: Infinite Realities
- Cat.-Nr.: HGREP007
- Release date: 2013-02-07
- Label: Hypergate Records
- Artists: Photonik
- Mastering by: Sidhartha
- Digital Distribution
- 2 unreleased Tracks
- Format: wav / mp3

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