Infinite Realities

Photonik - Infinite Realities EP


We @ Hypergate Records HQ are super happy to announce our forthcoming release by Photonik.

Infinite Realities was awesomely crafted by Pedro Matias and Pedro Miranda and includes 1 original track by this Portuguese duo and 2 special collaborations with Algorhythm and Josh aka Outer Signal, all previously unreleased tracks that we are proud to have at hypergate.

Psy trance state of art with fullPower music inside…


Infinite Realities

Release Info:

- Title: Infinite Realities
- Cat.-Nr.: HGREP007
- Release date: 2013-02-07
- Label: Hypergate Records
- Artists: Photonik
- Mastering by: Sidhartha
- Digital Distribution
- 2 unreleased Tracks
- Format: wav / mp3

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