Special Cosmic Change

  We are proud to announce our next release in a collaboration with Tranceformati’ohm for a Special Cosmic Change compiled by dj Meskita!

This journey will take you beyond your wildest expectations introducing new artists with fresh crispy sounds and amazing recognised international ones as well.

10 Years in Trance

  We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2017 and as a gift we offer you this epic release, containing only gems.

On this release we feature 20 previously released tracks on Hypergate Records during the past ten years. You will be driven through a retrospective playlist of some the latest hits as well we some of Hypergate classics.

You will discover some tasty cookies inside…

Digital Karma

VA - Digital Karma
  Hypergate Records presents the debut compilation of Dj Mistik.

Digital Karma contains 10 Previously Unreleased Tracks represent the power and quality of Mistik.

A fine selection of the most active artists on the scene today, will take you on a journey into your Karma.

Best of 5 Years

Hypergate Best of 5 Years
  We are freaking happy to announce our next exclusive release – VA / Hypergate Best of 5 Years.

On this release we feature 11 previously released tracks on Hypergate Records during the last five years. You will be driven through a retrospective playlist of some the latest hits as well we some of Hypergate classics.

You will discover some tasty cookies inside…

Liquid Legacy

Synthetic Alchemy

Liquid Legacy is the most recent state of the psy trance music production made by some of the most active artists on the scene today and goes strait to the dancefloors with a unique and fresh driving fullon psychedelia .

Featuring 10 previously unreleased mind set tracks by some of our label artists such as Sidhartha, Khopat, Tryon, Karmacrop, Alienn, Spector we also feature some of our favourites artists today…
This music will melt and merge you with the liquid legacy and transport you into the deepness of cosmic aweareness…

Synthetic Alchemy

Synthetic Alchemy

Hypergate Records is back again to present this brand new compilation highly selected by Tryon and Dj Kahuna.

Synthetic Alchemy provides you an amazing journey to the most powerful psy trance style, dance floor oriented to create a pure driving energy worldwide.

This compilation features 10 previously unreleased tracks written by Karmacrop, Tryon, Time Twisters, Sidhartha, Concept, Xatrik just to name a few with their unique and awesome style taking listeners into the top of the universe.

Take the synthetic alchemy and project yourself into the cosmo

Hyperdelic Pill

Hyperdelic Pill

Hypergate Records carefully prescribes you the label new composite – Hyperdelic Pill / Compiled by Sidhartha.

This release aims to support a new breed of Hypergate Records artists, representing the label style and mood – fullon / psy trance – and its dedicated to all party people around the globe. Featuring fresh new talents and well known established artists we bring you a new composite that will lift you into hyper cosmos.

This remedy is fully crafted by serious chemistries and engineers to give you full happyness and delight… Just overdose it!!!

The Twilight Solution

Tryon - The Twilight Solution

Hypergate Records is proud to present Tryon debut album – The Twilight Solution is “served” to us by Telmo Pereira aka Tryon from Portugal.

Tryon music stands for strength, rawness, fury, beauty, funk and soul, which are the main reasons for us @ Hypergate to sign him up for this amazing release. Ten tracks have been carefully picked by Telmo & our team and got poked down the ears of grateful and wild crowds, freaking out in a frenzy at the wall of sound produced by this new hot upcoming super talent.

This release surely comes with a warning, so expect nothing but the very best from this superb new kick-ass topnotch hi-tech twilight turbo trancer.

Versus Galaxy

Versus Galaxy
Hypergate Records is back with a stunning release, this time compiled by Sidhartha, driving you into your cosmic path, meeting new galactic boundaries.

Versus Galaxy is an awesome compilation and an amazing journey filled with truly psychedelic fullon tracks crafted by Sidhartha vs Hypergate Records label artists and special invitations.This compilation is a showcase of various collaborations between high standard musicians, great producers and good friends that enjoy the music for the music for the people.This release will tune you with Hypergate Records for a timeless journey through space and time…Come meet the music crafted by some of the greatest trance masters and have a blast with pure psychedelic sound bliss.