Timeless Relics

Timeless Relics
  We are super happy to present you with our latest release Sidhartha / Timeless Relics aka HGRDA001.

This release contains 10 previously unreleased Psy Trance / Goa “Out of the Roof” tracks by one of the most noticeable artists in this category.

Go outside the roof, into the space and beyond with these neat timeless relics.

Cosmic Matter

Cosmic Matter
  Hypergate Records is proud to present a new release, Hypergate Records HGRCD006 // Alienn – Cosmic Matter artist debut album.

Alienn is Patrick Ferreira from Switzerland and actually based in Portugal. He started mixing electronic music until he listen to psy trance and started to dedicate himself to this music style. Then he began performing every Saturday night at the Via Láctea Club. Getting more into the scene, he decided to promote indoor and outdoor parties as well, presenting internacional performances in Portugal.

Cosmic Matter is an awesome revelation to all psytrance and fullon lovers, featuring 9 previously unreleased tracks written and produced by Alienn and 1 special collaboration track with Sidhartha, containing fast driving and powerful psychedelic fullon trance music inside.

This album will blast dance floors cosmos wide, so take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the dance…

Skulls & Bones

Skulls and Bones
  Hypergate Records is back with a new stunning and unique release, Phonic Request second album – Skulls & Bones – revealing Phonic´s fullon psytrance dancefloor oriented style.

This album features 9 previously unreleased tracks written by Phonic Request and collaborations with Principles of Flight, Jaws Underground and Electro Cult which results in strong, driving and psychedelic fast tracks reflecting Phonic Request´s vast experience with huge audiences like Boom Festival as well as performing worldwide.

Skulls & Bones is intended to make you live involving teleportation, time travel and cosmic experiences with sleek and wise music. Ultimately free your soul…