Shadai was the name of the first project of Avizz, Soulness it is the name soloist of his companion of band, finally one day they put the cards on the table, thinking and creating the first track and there is the need of a new identity for both, this was easy to never decide, but impossibly, The devil's rejects (T.D.R) was how they named it.

Originally for them was something difficult to identify their style becouse it was more orientated about the night were combining different sounds, it is when the moment and the first one comes be reread of T.D.R it goes out to the light, the track was edited in the American disquera Anomalistic records.

To the above mentioned stamp the duet goes to the light with saying track and one mas of Shadai, this was a great motivation for both projects and it is as well as they decide to fuse both the name of both bands and the styles and Shadai and T.D.R is as well as is born.