Alienn – The Remixes

  We are thrilled to announce our next bombs.

Alienn – The Remixes, is an awesome set of 3 previously unreleased remixes to Alienn by Sidhartha, Vibers and Menticide.

Re-discover this active artist, most known for his energetic music, Alienn remixed.

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The Lesson of Friendship

  Hypergate Records is very proud and happy to announce HGREP011 – Alienn / The Lesson of Friendship.

Featuring 2 psy trance previously unreleased fullon styled tracks and its the latest studio production by Patrick Ferreira. This release is also the labelĀ“s 7th anniversary celebration.

We invite you to have yet another trip and celebrate your friendships.

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Hoax – Specimen7

Specimen 7
  As summer gets hot, Hypergate Records gets hot, and so we have hot news for you.

Hoax – Specimen 7 – is our brand new release and it contains really hot tunes that will make your sets burn on the dancefloor.

HGREP010 is a burning machine that you will want to have a.s.a.p.

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Into Immortality 3

Sidhartha - Into Immortality / Chapter 3
  Announcing our the next release, Sidhartha – Into Immortality / Chapter 3.

This is the final chapter of this trilogy and features 2 previously unreleased tracks written and produced by Nuno Santos aka Sidhartha. Into Immortality as an album is now complete.

The arrival is safe and secure… but you are certain to fly high once again!

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Growling Story

Bunker Jack - Growling Story EP
We are awesomely happy to announce the next release on Hypergate Records.

Growling Story is the new gem by Bunker Jack and it includes 3 original tracks and its the result of some years producing, listening and performing culminating in this powerful yet melodic and harmonious extended play.

Discover the power of psy trance music inside…

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Infinite Realities

Photonik - Infinite Realities EP
  We @ Hypergate Records HQ are super happy to announce our forthcoming release by Photonik.

Infinite Realities was awesomely crafted by Pedro Matias and Pedro Miranda and includes 1 original track by this Portuguese duo and 2 special collaborations with Algorhythm and Josh aka Outer Signal, all previously unreleased tracks that we are proud to have at hypergate.

Psy trance state of art with fullPower music inside…

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Time travel

Karmacrop - Time Travel EP
  We are happy to announce our next release featuring one original and unreleased track by Karmacrop plus a special collab track with Brainwash.

Time travel is the state of the art of high-tek fullon with powerfull psychedelic effect on the dancefloor!!!

This release will drive you to the next step on evolution and sound perception…

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Into Immortality 2

Into Immortality // Chapter 2
  We are excited to announce the next release_ Sidhartha – Into Immortality // Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of a clashing trilogy – Departure, Journey and the Arrival – so this chapter features the Journey program!!!

Featuring 4 previously unreleased tracks writen and produced by Sidhartha and collaboration tracks and remix track this chapter will blast your shoes off on the dancefloor…

Once airbourne into cosmic immortality feel the intensity of this journey…

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Into Immortality

Into Immortality

Hypergate Records proudly announce the next release //// Sidhartha – Into Immortality.

This is the first chapter of a clashing trilogy – Departure, Journey and the Arrival – so this first chapter features the departure program!!!

Featuring 3 previously unreleased tracks writen and produced by Sidhartha and a collaboration track with Magneto this chapter will blast your shoes off on the dancefloor…

Feel the intensity of the departure and airbourne into cosmic immortality…

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Alienn - One Digital EP
  Hypergate Records is proud to announce the next dancefloor blasters – Alienn / One – Digital EP.

On this release you will find the brand new unreleased tracks from one of most popular Portuguese artist these days.

This EP is One that will charge your chemical cells and will drive you into outer space.

Gain “Tha Access” with this new release and have a blasting time with full quality psychedelic music…

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